2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 3 power rankings

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Power rankings for the NA LCS after the first two weeks of action.

Spoiler alert: the NA LCS is stronger and more competitive than ever — and it’s fantastic to watch.

It’s hard (well, nearly impossible) to take away many definitive things after the opening week of a split, but that becomes easier to do once the weeks start to go by.

After Week 1, some of the bigger questions were: How bad is Liquid? Is Counter Logic Gaming’s extraordinary run over? Is NRG Esports the worst team in the region? How good can Cloud9 be? Will Immortals be as dominant as they were in the spring? Is TSM the team to beat in North America?

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Week 2 was obviously still extremely early in the Summer Split, but it increased the sample size given to us and allowed for more conclusions to be made regarding the statements above. We still need a couple more weeks to answer most of those questions, but we have a decent grasp on a lot of the teams already.

What’s exciting about this split in particular is that we should see more improvement in teams than ever before thanks to the best-of-three format. In the new format, teams are able to try more things and adapt to more situations than ever before. There’s no telling how good some of these teams will be able to get.

The hierarchy of the NA LCS is sure to change a lot over the next handful of weeks, but these are the current power rankings heading into Week 3 of the Summer Split.

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