2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 6 of the Summer Split

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NA LCS power rankings heading into Week 6 of the Summer Split.

Do you smell that? It’s not the microwave burning in the TSM house. It’s not screams of agony and horror from Team Liquid. Hell, it’s not even blood from Counter Logic Gaming’s basketball court. No, what you’re smelling is the NA LCS power rankings for Week 6 of the Summer Split.

No one wants to admit it, but time flies — and that sucks. It seems like just yesterday CLG was proudly representing North America at MSI and everyone was wondering where TSM found their new support at.

However, that was all so long ago and we have already played through five weeks in the regular season of the NA LCS Summer Split. That’s right, there are only four weeks remaining in the regular season. It’s grind time.

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TSM and Immortals are going to lock down the top two spots in the standings (no surprise there), but the other four spots are all up for grabs.

Liquid, Team Envy and Cloud9 are all tied at 6-3 for the third spot in the standings, and then you have CLG and Apex tied at 4-6 for the final playoff spot — oh, and NRG Esports is right behind them at 3-7.

Needless to say, it should be a crazy few weeks to end the regular season as many teams are fighting for the playoffs. This isn’t the spring where things are more relaxed and you can look forward to improving in the summer. No, this is the split right before the World Championship and you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity.

Without further ado, here are the current power rankings in the NA LCS heading into Week 6 of the Summer Split.

A lot of teams still have time to change our opinions on them. Let’s see if they do.

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