2016 NA LCS standings after Week 9 of the Summer Split


Check out the full NA LCS standings at the end of the regular season of the 2016 Summer Split.

The regular season of the 2016 Summer Split has officially come to an end, and here is what the standings look like heading into the playoffs.

There are tons of surprises that we would have never guessed coming into the split.

1. TSM (17-1)

It would have been amazing to see TSM go the entire summer undefeated, but some things just aren’t meant to happen.

However, no one involved with the team will complain about only losing one game, and it’s clear they are the best of the best heading into the playoffs.

2. Immortals (16-2)

This split was a pretty big question mark for Immortals after ending the spring so poorly, but they proved themselves on multiple occasions that this is one of the most talented teams North America has ever seen.

3. Cloud9 (12-6)

Cloud9 entered the summer with all the hype in the world, but they were wildly inconsistent for most of the split. It’s obvious that they can be one of the elite teams in the region, but it’s hard for them to consistently put that together.

4. Counter Logic Gaming (10-8)

CLG began the split rough, but even that’s probably putting it way too lightly. They were bad, and it took ages for them to fix things to where they are now.

They probably won’t make any noise in the playoffs, but at least they are able to compete.

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5. Team Liquid (9-9)

Team Liquid was one of the weirdest teams all summer long. There are days when they look close to an elite team, but there are a lot of days where they seem below average. You never know what you’re going to get, and that’s not a good thing.

6. Team Envy (8-10)

They made it into the playoffs, but the race for the final seed couldn’t have been any closer. Thank goodness Envy had a great start to the split, because they needed that cushion for finishing so poorly down the streth.

6. Apex (8-10)

No one was expecting much from Apex in the final week of the regular season, but they deserve major props for coming out and nearly slipping themselves into the playoffs. They seem like a good team/organization that will be around the NA LCS for many years.

8. Phoenix1 (5-13)

The promotion tournament was ineveitable for Phoenix1, but they still came out in the final week and made a lot of excitement similar to what they did last week.

The promotion tournament shouldn’t be a problem for them at all, and they have quickly become a fan favorite for what they’ve been able to do lately.

9. NRG Esports (4-14)

NRG was supposed to make the playoffs this split, but things never work out as planned.

There are some really talented pieces on the NRG roster, but there is also some dead weight that they desperately need to get rid of.

10. Echo Fox (1-17)

Echo Fox just had one of the worst splits any NA LCS team has ever had. If they don’t make some drastic improvements over the next couple of weeks, they can kiss their NA LCS spot goodbye to a team like Cloud9 Challenger.

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