TSM’s Doublelift becomes the first NA LCS player with 1,000 regular season kills

TSM DoubleliftCredit: lolesports
TSM DoubleliftCredit: lolesports /

Doublelift is officially in a club of his own.

Yesterday’s series between TSM and NRG Esports seemed a bit silly with the kings of North America deciding to troll around with Teemo for one of the games, but don’t get it twisted, something huge still came from the series.

TSM’s superstar ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng came into the third and final game of the series needing just five kills to become the first player in NA LCS history to reach 1,000 regular season kills, and it actually happened — just barely.

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Everyone and their mother knew what Doublelift was going for, and it seemed like his teammates were trolling him at times by taking kills that he easily could have gotten. Because of that, Doublelift ended the game with a whopping 15 assists to go next to his five kills.

However, while his team may have stolen a kill or two away from him, they did everything in their power to set him up for the kill he needed. It was a special moment.

It’s great that TSM gave it to him because the ADC would have had to wait for the upcoming 2017 Spring Split to hit the milestone had he missed out on it against NRG. Getting the kill at the very end of the last game of the regular season was much more exciting than if he would have gotten it at the beginning of the first game next split.

Some people might not believe this is that big of a milestone, but it definitely is. It’s a true testament to how great of a player Doublelift is and has been for a very, very long time. He has gone through a lot over the course of his career, but one thing is for certain — he is one of the true legends of the game and arguably the greatest North American player of all-time.

After the game, he spoke about what the moment meant to him.

Many people used to hate on Doublelift more than any other player in the region, but he doesn’t deserve any of that in this stage of his career. It’s remarkable that not only has he been able to move on and stay relevant, but he is playing some of the best League of Legends in his entire life.

All he needs now is to have a breakout international performance at this year’s World Championship.

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