NRG Esports players are all free agents after being relegated


All the NRG Esports players are officially free agents.

There are some things that people simply cannot predict, and the massive failure of NRG Esports is definitely one of them.

After purchasing an NA LCS spot for the summer, NRG impressed a lot of people by getting big investors and putting together an appealing roster of veteran players.

A lot of people considered them a lock for one of the last playoff spots, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

NRG ended the regular season of the Summer Split next to last with a 4-14 record, and things only got worse in the promotion tournament.

They had two opportunities to retain their NA LCS spot, but the team rolled over to both Cloud9 Challenger and Echo Fox and lost both series 3-0, thus knocking them down into Challenger.

Some teams are down for the challenge of making it back into the NA LCS from Challenger, but it doesn’t look like NRG is interested in that.

ESPN’s Jacob Wolf has reported that NRG has terminated the contracts with everyone on their roster, making them free agents.

It’s sad to see things end like this, but hey, that’s just how things go.

After watching everyone play this summer, it’s pretty clear that jungler Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen is the most desirable player out of the entire group. He was a big question mark heading into the split, but he surprised everyone by performing at a high level for the entire summer. Santorin would have been a pleasure to watch had he been on a good team this split.

There’s no reason he won’t be able to find a new team in the NA LCS.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the rest of his teammates.

Diego “Quas” Ruiz returned to the scene after take a long break, but he was never able to perform that well. He improved from what he was giving us at the very beginning of the split, but he was almost always underwhelming. This will probably be the end for him.

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Speaking of it being the end, this has to be the end of Alan “KiWiKiD” Nguyen — right? He’s been in the scene for so long, and getting relegated in back-to-back splits must have been really hard for him. There might be some team out there that will want to consider him, but at this point, you’re betting off trying to find the next Vincent “Biofrost” Wang in the Challenger scene.

As for the two Koreans, that’s a huge question mark right now.

Oh “Ohq” Gyu-min never had the success he had hoped for when coming to North America, and he simply never performed at a high level. It could be the language issues that held him back, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him go back to playing in Korea.

Lee “GBM” Chang-suk has always been one hell of a mid laner, so it’s shocking to see that he wants to make the transition to jungle. It’s going to be hard for him to find an NA LCS team that will give up an import spot on a mid laner that wants to start jungling.

It will be interesting to see what happens to all these players as Santorin is really the only one in a favorable position.

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