Report: Team Liquid is attempting to add Reignover and Adrian from Immortals


Team Liquid is going all-in on the upcoming season.

16 teams are good enough to have all their attention set on the 2016 World Championship that starts tonight, but everyone else in League is already looking ahead to the 2017 Spring Split.

In a season where North America became stronger than ever and demanded respect from everyone in the world, Team Liquid slowly crashed and burned while their peers took things to another level.

Liquid definitely see themselves in the TSM, Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming echelon of the NA LCS, and being the only team from that group to not make Worlds must be killing them.

It was clear that the team would blow things up and make drastic changes for the upcoming Spring Split, but things are starting to happen much quicker than anyone could have imagined.

Earlier this week, Liquid announced that they essentially sold the franchise to NBA owners and other big-time investors. We all saw what major funding did for Immortals in their first split ever, and the possibilities are endless when money is no longer an issue for a franchise like Liquid.

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Speaking of the players that Immortals brought in with their money, ESPN’s Jacob Wolf has reported that Liquid has already reached out to jungler Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin and support Adrian “Adrian” Ma for them to be on Liquid next season.

Wolf states that no decision has been made yet, but the Immortals duo will most likely stay together wherever they play next split. Their contracts with Immortals last until the very end of October.

This would be a franchise-altering move by Liquid. They’ve continuously been one of the top teams during the regular season, but they’ve never been able to actually accomplish anything. If they pull in the dynamic duo from Immortals, they will most definitely be able to fill out the remainder of the roster with incredibly talented (and hopefully proven) players.

However, a huge question to come from this development is why didn’t Liquid reach out to top laner Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo as well? If Liquid is bringing in players like Reignover and Adrian, they will surely be in the market of replacing Samson “Lourlo” Jackson. No offense to him, but it sounds like Liquid will grow into something much bigger than he could handle.

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Huni and Reignover have been a package deal for the last two seasons, and it would be surprising to see that come to a quick end. Huni did previously state that he is open to returning to Korea, so maybe this is the end of a duo that we have grown to love.

How would Immortals recover if they lost their three best players? It’s great that they are comfortable with their players testing the waters during the offseason, but they have to be shaking in their boots right about now.

Regardless, this is something worth playing close attention to. Liquid sat back this split and watched TSM and Cloud9 reach unprecedented heights (as far as NA performances go), and now it’s their time to shine.

Everyone was so excited about how strong North America was this season, but things might get even better in 2017.

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