Breaking down issues with FlyQuest this season

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The NA LCS League of Legends team FlyQuest is currently sitting at the bottom of the table managing only one series win in the first three weeks. This is nowhere near the dream start they had the last split.

The NA LCS is a complete mess right now with teams which were at the bottom half of the table or barely qualified for playoffs sitting at the top right now. To add more to the table, TSM and C9 are both amusingly sitting in the middle of the table.

FlyQuest has not looked good at all. The team had a dream run last split where they finished 4th on the table against all the odds. However, this has not been the case this season as they are struggling in every single match.

When FlyQuest joined the LCS from the Challenger tournament last season, no one really rated them highly. The team was formed by Ex C9 Trio Hai “Hai” Du Lam, An “BalIs” Le and Daerek “LemonNation” Hart. They were further joined by Galen “Moon” Holgate and Johnny “Altec” Ru. The team didn’t look appealing on papers as most of these players weren’t present in the competitive scene for a long period. It looked more of a made up team just put up to play for the brand name.

In contrast to this, FlyQuest defied all odds and finished 4th. The team meshed very well from the beginning. They put some stellar shows and surprised everyone. This also led them to get a bigger fan base. Their mid-laner Hai especially impressed everyone with his aggressive shot calling and flashy plays.

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Fans were expecting something similar from them this split and with the addition of veteran ADC Wildturtle, their roster looked even more solid. However, it has been a completely different story for them. The team is underperforming winning only one series till now.

This could be due to multiple reasons. We know Hai makes all the shot calling for the team. He is an aggressive player who likes to make risky plays. This often results in backfiring which leads to the team in making poor plays.

In the last split, the one problem FlyQuest faced was in the top lane. Balls is considered to be a decent player who plays a more supportive role for the team. When the last split started, top lane was totally dominated by tanks such as Poppy and Maokai. This heavily favored FlyQuest as Balls just took a back seat and played a more supportive role. The

The meta started to change around the end of split and more bruisers came into action. This highlighted the inability of Balls to play more carry like champions up to full efficiency. However, as the majority of the split was already over, it didn’t matter much but this has been a real issue this season. Balls is consistently getting out-dueled by other top laners which often results in snowballing a match out of control.

One other thing to be considered is their jungler, Moon. Before joining  FlyQuest, Moon was considered as a player who has great potential but never fulfilled it. This changed when under the leadership of Hai, he started to blossom. The problem is that Moon has been very inconsistent in his games. Sometimes it looks like Moon is the best jungler in the league and sometimes he is just an ordinary player. Consistency is the name of the game and an area FlyQuest needs to get better at.

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The team has yet to have a good run in the split and could very well be a one split wonder. There are still a lot of matches left to be played and every team is trying to do their best. It would be interesting to see what approach will FlyQuest take from here on out. Will they regain their momentum or will they falter further more? Only time will tell.