Most valuable players from LCS Week 1

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Week 1 of the 2019 LCS Spring Split has drawn to a close. This start to a new season has already seen some fierce battling over the rift and it’s clear that teams are going to be giving it their all for the remainder of the split. Many rookies are already beginning to shine in their respective roles and are garnering plenty of attention. Who will take the top spot in our most valuable players of the week?

5. Broken Blade – TSM

Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik starts off the most valuable players list. Coming into his rookie split in the top lane role for LCS legends TSM, Broken Blade has plenty of pressure already mounted on his shoulders as he looks to perform well for his new squad. following week 1, TSM finished with a 1-1 record and much of their success in the win they had can be attributed to Broken Blade’s performance.

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His first game saw him playing Sion. While he is a pretty straightforward champion, Sion can easily be bullied in the early levels until he starts getting beefy, especially in the Viktor matchup like we saw. So for Broken Blade to be able to hold his own and actually amass a lead in what would arguably be an unfavorable matchup, credit should definitely go where it is due.

Even despite their loss to Clutch Gaming in the second day, Broken Blade, playing Aatrox, solo killed his lane opponent and clearly looked to be the favorite in the top lane. Anyone who had doubts about Broken Blade coming into the split will surely have some rethinking to do following week 1. Time will tell if he is able to keep up this pace in to the coming weeks.

4. Nisqy – Cloud9

Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer takes the fourth spot on our list. After his departure from the European league and signing to the mid lane role for Cloud9 for the 2019 season, Nisqy replaces Jensen who many would argue is the top mid laner currently in North America.

He would be tested early on as Cloud9’s first match was against Jensen and his new squad in Team Liquid. Although Cloud9 fell short and ultimately lost this game, it really was a nail biter and was no fault of Nisqy’s for the loss, which was decided in a late game teamfight. He played Zoe into a Cassiopeia matchup with Cleanse. If you’ve ever played this matchup, you’ll know it largely favours the Cassiopeia and so for Nisqy to hold his own, he deserves recognition.

Nisqy’s most shining moments definitely came in game 2 as Cloud9 decimated 100 Thieves in a 25 minute stomp. Nisqy ended the game with a 6-0-4 score on Aatrox mid against Huhi’s Ryze. The game was completely one sided and much of that had to do with the unrelenting kill pressure Nisqy provided in the mid lane, as well as in teamfights.