League of Legends LCS match of the week for Week 5: TSM vs. CLG

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Smoothie, Bjergsen, and Broken Blade of TSM, with Hauntzer of Golden Guardians.
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With Week 5 of the LCS beginning on Saturday, we take a look at what is the premiere League of Legends game that NA fans should be tuning in for.

Last week was a crazy one for fans of League of Legends in North America. In the biggest upset of the LCS so far this split, TSM knocked off Team Liquid, handing the titans of the league their first loss of the year.

While that wasn’t our LCS match of the week last week (because, frankly, we didn’t think TSM stood a chance), it was a reminder that just because a matchup doesn’t look even on paper doesn’t mean the two teams can’t give a good showing. Here’s the best matchup we think you’ll be able to see this weekend in the LCS.

TSM (4-4)

TSM must be riding high after their first 2-0 weekend in Week 4. Of course, that culminated with the team shocking the LCS world and dropping Liquid, meaning TSM will be riding high coming into this match versus their heated rivals.

Beyond this just being El Clasico with a history of bragging rights on the line, TSM is also fighting to end the first half of the split above the .500 mark. TSM is perpetually a team with fan support (and hatred) and hype, but after last year’s disappointing finish they certainly will want to set themselves up to finish the split out strong. To do so, they’ll have to take down some old rivals.

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CLG (4-4)

Unlike TSM, CLG’s expectations going into this season were quite low. From an individual talent perspective, they might have been one of the most underrated teams entering the split, yet here they are right in the thick of the standings.

Beating TSM would add a lot of legitimacy to CLG’s case to be considered a top-tier team. They’ve already managed to beat Cloud9 this year – the most impressive upset of the season before last weekend – but they’ve also managed to drop games they should have won. Like TSM, CLG wants to put those bad losses against Clutch and FlyQuest