League of Legends: LCS power rankings Week 6

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Pobelter of FlyQuest. League of Legends.
Pobelter of FlyQuest. League of Legends. /

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.

There was a lot of critical results in last weekend’s North America League of Legends action. How does the LCS stack up after Week 6?

The LCS is truly a tale of haves and have nots. After last weekend’s League of Legends games, only three teams – TSM, Cloud9, and Liquid – have a winning record. The remaining seven teams are all separated by a single game, meaning the race for the playoffs is going to be close.

Using our patented metrics, we have estimated the strength of each team and who has the best chance of that pack to make the top six and secure a playoff spot. Which teams do we think are poised to break out of the pack?

10. Clutch (4-8)

Clutch had a fairly easy weekend, facing against 100 Thieves and Echo Fox, the other two teams joining them in the basement club of 4-8. For them to only split those games is emblematic of where the team is.

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Clutch has no identity, or at least they don’t understand what their identity is. Putting Huni on Karma top against Ssumday when he’s been their only real consistent threat is bonkers to me. This team is probably already thinking about the offseason, and who they will be looking at for possible replacements at the ADC, Support, and mid positions.

9. 100 Thieves (4-8)

The Thieves had a slightly tougher schedule that the Thieves had, and at least they were able to take their win over Clutch. However, had they beat the Golden Guardians to improve to 5-7, they’d be sitting right in the pack with a shot at the playoffs.

They still do have that shot at the playoffs, yes, but next weekend they face TSM and C9. The hope for this super team to make a comeback push to playoffs is dwindling fast.

8. Echo Fox (4-8)

Losing to TSM on Day 1 is understandable, but there is no reason at all Echo Fox should be losing to a team like Clutch, especially when they have a shot at making the playoffs. For his part, Panda played extremely well when he was subbed in for Rush, so I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Fox continue to go with him next week, even though the stakes will be massive. They’ll be battling two teams they’re currently tied with in the standings – OpTic and FlyQuest – so getting wins will be critical to their possible success.

7. CLG (5-7)

An impressive win on Day 1 over FlyQuest in which Darshan seemed to show a return to form that has been missing all season. It’s a welcome improvement for Darshan, who has been one of the worst top laners in the LCS this year, but they’ll need him to continue to help bolster the rest of this shaky roster. Luckily, they’ll get to face Clutch for a gimme win (hopefully) next weekend before taking on Golden Guardians.

6. FlyQuest (5-7)

A rough weekend doesn’t even begin to describe what happened with FlyQuest. They lost games to two teams – CLG and OpTic – that they were at the time ahead of. Instead of keeping some distance from the rest of the pack, and likely securing themselves a fourth-place spot for playoffs at worst, FlyQuest is now squarely among the pack at a 5-7 record.

The team was held throughout a kill against CLG, with V1per getting abused on his pocket pick Riven. Then, Pobelter, Santorin, and JayJ helped to ruin some outstanding gameplay from their teammates. This was once a team in our top four solidly, but now they’ve lost four games in a row and are desperate to reclaim the magic from earlier in the season.