League of Legends LCS finals: Stud or Dud

Zilean. League of Legends.
Zilean. League of Legends. /
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In this first installment of “Stud or Dud”, writers from blogoflegends.com decide whether certain champions or players are going to be a stud or a dud throughout the League of Legends LCS finals between TSM and Team Liquid.

Which champion picks are going to be critical in the coming League of Legends LCS finals? Which LCS players do we think will step up and turn in stellar performances. We look at some of the potential heroes and goats in this instance of “Studs and Duds.”


Jeff: Dud

Zilean is going to be a trap pick in this series. Zilean was able to snag TSM a win in game 5 of semifinals versus Cloud9 but has only looked good these playoffs in tandem with Kindred. Zilean has no kill pressure in lane, can fall behind in creep-score and always gives mid lane priority over to the other team. It seems very unlikely that either team will be dumb enough to hand over the Kindred and Zilean combo, but if a team decides to pick Zilean anyways, he will be a huge liability.

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Josh: Stud

Over the past three years, Zilean has been one of the most-picked champions by both Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen. This year, Jensen hasn’t picked it very often, but Bjergsen has. He’s won three out of four games on the Chronokeeper this season, and also has his highest KDA of any champion this season on Zilean.

Both of these mids can certainly play other, meta champions, but Zilean is something of a pocket pick to both Danes. Considering how comfortable both teams are playing around their side-lane carries, Zilean could very easily be a “pocket pick” on either side. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it picked or banned at least once.

Ben: Dud

It’s certainly possible that Zilean will make his way onto the Rift at some point during Saturday’s series, but whether the pick finds success is another matter. Jensen is yet to play the champion in 2019, and while Bjergsen has utilised the Chronokeeper for wins against Team Liquid and Cloud 9 in the past, there’s no doubt that TL will have prepared for the pick.

Personally, I think TSM will bring the Zilean out as a “last throw of the dice” when they’re falling behind in the series, but unless it’s matched with a champion that can take full advantage of his E – Time Warp, I can’t see the pick turning the tide of the final.