League of Legends: Clutch Gaming should pick up Reignover


After LCS team Clutch announced their sale to the Philadelphia 76ers, the best move to improve their standing would be to pick up a former League of Legends great.

On Wednesday, Clutch Gaming announced that the team had been sold to a consortium owned by the Philadelphia 76ers. While many speculated that this move could signal the return of former League of Legends organization Dignitas to the LCS, that change would come in 2019 at the earliest.

Clutch Gaming had a poor performance in the 2019 LCS spring split with a game/loss record of 5-13, the team should consider taking some risks on their roster in order to have a better showing in the summer split. One risk would be to bring back a player with a history of both greatness and failure.

Why Reignover?

Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin is a World’s semifinalist, EU LCS champion and has posted multiple dominate LCS regular season records with Immortals. While Reignover was not impressive on TL or CLG in the previous two years, he has a pedigree of success and a lot of this success Reignover found was with Clutch Gaming’s current top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. Reuniting this new duo might breathe some life in Clutch Gaming, a team that seems like lack an identity.

Reignover was also known previously for being a good teammate. This was a large reason CLG picked up Reignover in 2018.

Was Lira the problem?

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It is not about whether Nam “Lira” Tae-yoo is the reason Clutch did poorly last season and is more about trying to re-establish a strong synergy and give the team a new honeymoon

phase in which they can try to build synergy together. Lira at times looked quite good and quite bad, but what Clutch really needs is a leader, synergy and more players with a winning pedigree.

What other roster swaps should Clutch consider?

Another position that could use a swap at the moment is the ADC position. Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin had strong carry performances when playing non-marksmen champions like Irelia in the bot lane, but looked bad on ADC’s this season. Another issue with this is that teams have learned to ban the Irelia against Piglet and it seems like this ban alone neutralizes Piglet completely.

Clutch should consider bringing Cody “Cody Sun” Sun onto the main roster. We only saw Cody Sun play two games this season when Piglet was in the mid lane. Cody did not look particularly impressive, however, it is a small sample size and this version of the team clearly did not work well together. With Reignover in the jungle position and with a new team culture, Cody Sun could slot into the team with better communication and more reliable team-fight positioning.

The best available Clutch roster

With Huni in the top lane, Tanner “Damonte” Damonte in the mid lane, Reignover in the jungle, Cody Sun at ADC and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme at support, Clutch would have multiple options of what lanes to play through, what strategies they could employ and potentially create a new team culture with better synergy between the players.

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