League of Legends introduces a new way to support pro teams with League Pass and Team Pass

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Riot adds a way to give fans an opportunity to support their favorite professional League of Legends teams with the new League Pass and Team Pass.

Fans of professional League of Legends have a lot of ways to express their fandom. From spamming #TLWin in Twitch chat or on Twitter, to rocking a Fnatic jersey on gameday, to starting that famous “T-S-M” chant in the arena, fans show their spirit across the world. Now, with the new League Pass and Team Pass, Riot is letting them show their support on the Rift.

The new program, announced today by Riot, will give players the chance to support their favorite pro teams whenever they’re watching or playing League of Legends. Starting May 31, players who purchase one of these two passes will begin earning rewards for themselves and their favorite team.

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The League Pass will be made available to players in Brazil, Turkey, Latin America, Japan, and Oceania, and will give the players bonus missions with the chance to gain extra rewards when they play League of Legends. In addition, 50% of the revenue generated from the League Pass purchases will go towards the teams in that region’s pro league. This is a great way to support those lesser-known regions monetarily while also getting some sweet purchasable rewards for yourself!

On the other hand, Team Pass will only be made available in North America and Europe. Like with League Pass, the Team Pass will also grant bonus missions and rewards from watching games on lolesports.com or playing in game. However, the Team Pass will allow gamers to support their favorite LCS or LEC team and unlock team-specific items to be used in-game.

Riot has confirmed that, while you can only select one team per region, you can select one team in the LCS and LEC to support. Riot also says that they are looking to expand the program to include other, global leagues and teams. I’m guessing this means players will be able to support their favorite LCK or LPL team very soon.

Both the League and Team Pass will be available for 980 RP (about $7.10 USD) and will grant those bonus missions as noted above. However, the purchase will also allow you to earn a team icon, team emote, team ward skin, an LCS/LEC chroma for Dragonslayer Braum, Blue Essence, key fragments, and two master chests!

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Let us know which team or league you’re going to be representing in the comments!