League of Legends LCS Week 1 power rankings

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The first week of LCS play was full of upsets and stellar performances, but which NA League of Legends team is the best after one week of play?

Last split, Team Liquid went four weeks without losing a single game, making many wonder if they’d be the first NA League of Legends team to run a perfect split. That lasted one game in the Summer Split, in a first week of LCS play that was full of shocks.

After one week, neither TSM nor Team Liquid is sitting atop the standings, but instead, they’re looking up at OpTic of all teams. FlyQuest sits in the uncomfortable position of 0-2 after their first week, a far cry from finishing in fourth place during the Spring Split.

Although we only have a couple games worth of data to go off of, it’s never too early to make some knee-jerk reactions to the first week’s action and that’s what we’re here to do. Using some advanced metrics from Oracles Elixir, we’ve evaluated how each team did in the first week based on their performance in key team metrics like average game length, gold spread, first objective takes, dragon control, and vision control. You can find the full breakdown of each team’s score here.

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We used those scores to rate the quality of each team’s wins and losses, rewarding teams for beating strong teams and punishing them for losing to weaker ones. Even though it’s only been two games, we can already give an overview of which teams did work and which fell flat in their first weeks of play.

10. 100 Thieves (0-2)

Many people (including yours truly) were hoping the Thieves would show the talent that they promised in the Summer Split after falling flat in spring. Alas, 100T has started off the split in an 0-2 hole, despite facing two teams that finished in the bottom half of the LCS last split.

100 Thieves has the worst gold differential at 15 of any team in the LCS through two games, the worst share of the total gold in the game earned, and the worst combined vision score of a team through two games. They have to face Liquid this weekend in a huge mismatch, but their Sunday game against Clutch Gaming is winnable and as close to a “must-win” this early in the split as can be.

9. FlyQuest (0-2)

After finishing fourth in the LCS during the spring split, FlyQuest was certainly looking to get off to a better start than 0-2. Yes, they lost to Cloud9 who is probably going to be one of the best teams in the league, but they also got trashed by the Golden Guardians. This team really struggles to earn gold and boasts the worst gold spent percentage difference (which measures the gap in how much gold is spent by a team vs. their opponents in each game) of any LCS team so far.

8. Clutch Gaming (0-2)

The “best of the worst,” Clutch at least has the distinction of being in the top three among all teams in the LCS when it comes to combined vision score (along with Echo Fox and OpTic). Unfortunately, they also have the worst kills-to-deaths ratio as a team and the second-worst gold spent percent difference.

7. CLG (1-1)

CLG is rated so low for one simple reason: their win came against the worst team in the LCS in 100 Thieves. Yes, CLG does have some solid stats, including the best combined vision score, percent of dragons taken, and other very good stats, but they still have to prove those stats mean something against stiffer competition.

6. TSM (1-1)

Speaking of stiffer competition, CLG lost to a team that had significantly worse stats than them in TSM, who posted the worst team gold difference at 15 and were one of the worst teams in terms of securing early objectives in Week 1. Their saving grace was having a high loss quality by losing one of the best teams, statistically, in the LCS in Liquid.