League of Legends LCS power rankings Week 2: is TSM in trouble?

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Pobelter of FlyQuest. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Week 2 of LCS play is over, but which NA League of Legends team is in trouble?

In last week’s LCS power ranking, I talked about why I’m not a huge believer in OpTic’s success. Of course, they had to go and prove me wrong by ending Week 2 as the only undefeated League of Legends team in North America. But these are weird times we live in as LCS fans.

OpTic has gone from third-worst in spring to first place, FlyQuest is second-to-last in the league after finishing fourth last split. TSM, Clutch, Liquid, and CLG, two teams at the top and bottom of the LCS in the spring, are all currently tied with 2-2 records. Amidst all the chaos, which teams are the true contenders, pretenders, or something in between.

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10. 100 Thieves (0-4)

I mean, it couldn’t be anyone else. The only winless team in the LCS, the Thieves look to have picked right up where they left off in the Spring Split. By which I mean, struggling incredibly.

This is how bad 100 Thieves are right now: there is literally only one statistical category in which they are not dead last. That would be the first tower take rate, which they do 50% of the time. Everything else, though, they place last in the LCS.

9. Echo Fox (1-3)

Can you believe this is one of the teams that took down Team Liquid? I mean, this is the only team that 100 Thieves can actually claim to be better at when it comes to objective control than. This team has a 25% success rate or lower when it comes to taking towers, getting first blood, and controlling dragons.

8. FlyQuest (1-3)

They went 1-1 this week, thanks to facing a weak TSM squad. Make no mistake, though, FlyQuest is a team that needs to turn things around. They’re bottom-three in the LCS when it comes to percent of gold earned, gold spread, and team kill-to-death ratio.

7. TSM (2-2)

Let’s not mince words here: TSM is in trouble. They have the second-worst gold difference at 15-minutes rating, third-worst objective control, and third-worst vision control of any LCS team. Those stats, especially given the fact that they got absolutely demolished by Liquid, are concerning.

Their two wins came up against teams in the bottom half of the league (Echo Fox and CLG) and they lost to a team they should have beaten, FlyQuest. Now they have to face Clutch and C9 next weekend. If they don’t go even in those games, TSM is in a horrible spot.

6. CLG (2-2)

“Inconsistent” is the word to describe CLG. They beat TL, but lost to TSM. Their early game objective control is among the top three teams in the LCS and they average a 15-minute gold advantage of over 1,000, but they have the second-longest game time in their victories. This team could be great, or they could be massively overrated, but it’s too early to say right now.