League of Legends LCS summer power rankings – Week 3

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Bjergsen of TSM. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

After three weeks of play which League of Legends team is the best in the LCS?

Following the first two weeks of crazy League of Legends action, it was nice to see things go back to norm–who am I kidding it was another week of fiesta games in the LCS. TSM took down C9, 100 Thieves finally won a game, and OpTic is no longer undefeated. Okay, so not everything last weekend was crazy.

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Nevertheless, we ended Week 3 of LCS play with a six-team log-jam at the top of the standings. With more than half the team sitting at 4-2 and the mid-point of the split soon approaching, which teams should feel most comfortable and which teams are struggling?

10. 100 Thieves (1-5)

Congratulations 100 Thieves, you’ve won a game! Unfortunately, your underlying stats are still terrible and you managed to beat up on one of the only teams as terrible as you statistically, so you’re still the worst overall team in the LCS.

9. Echo Fox (1-5)

How the hell did this team beat Team Liquid? That continues to be the most shocking event maybe in the entire LCS Summer Split.

This team is just bad at everything from early game play to vision control to income control. When you hand the previously un-lose-able 100 Thieves team their first win, your team is in trouble.

8. FlyQuest (1-5)

They had a winnable game against Clutch that started off with their top and jungle doing alright. Unfortunately, that’s when Pobelter and JayJ decided to dash all of those hopes and put in some absolute trash performances on Ryze and Nautilus. This team seriously need to consider subbing in Wadid before they fall too far out of the race that they might risk missing the Gauntlet.

7. Clutch Gaming (3-3)

Had they managed to beat TSM on Saturday, Clutch would be in this 4-2 pack with everyone with some decent underlying statistics to indicate they might be a true contender. Unfortunately, Vulcan just couldn’t stop giving up an early kill to Zven and Smoothie in lane and then failing to get off a single good initiation on Rakan.

Clutch also has the slowest average game time in their wins, which is very concerning since they average the second-biggest gold advantage at 15 minutes and gets the first turret 83% of the time. This is a team that cannot translate their early leads into wins, which is fixable. But it needs to happen quickly.

6. TSM (4-2)

Now we kind of get into the rock/paper/scissors portion of the rankings. With six teams tied for first, someone needs to be the worst of them and, unfortunately, that is TSM.

They are the only one of these six teams to average a gold deficit at 15 minutes (over 500g). They are second-worst in terms of vision control.

Now, having said all of that, they do have some hope in the fact that they have the highest win quality (by beating C9, Clutch, and CLG) of all the 4-2 teams. Each of the teams ahead of them is going to have to play either C9 or Team Liquid at some point (the two will play each other at the back end of the first round robin) whereas TSM will only face OpTic and Golden Guardians along with 100 Thieves. There is a great chance for them to turn it around and prove that their underlying stats are depressed because of that high quality of competition.