League of Legends LCS power rankings – Week 4

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Before the LCS breaks for Rift Rivals, which of the NA League of Legends teams has the most to work on entering the back half of the Summer Split?

Another week of LCS action gone by and with it some more ridiculous results from North America’s professional League of Legends scene. We entered the week with a mind-blowing six teams tied for first place at 4-2. Now, one team stands above the rest as only Team Liquid managed to go 2-0 on the week.

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There is still quite the log-jam behind them, though, with four teams – C9, CLG, OpTic, and TSM – a game back. Clutch and Golden Guardians are nipping at their heels two games back and even 100 Thieves are making a run just three games back! But which teams are the best in the LCS after Week 4?

10. FlyQuest (1-7)

Despite adding Wadid to replace JayJ as their support, FlyQuest continued to slide down the standings, now securely in last place. Losing to CLG was somewhat understandable, but falling to 100 Thieves basically secured this team missing the playoffs and potentially a shot at the Gauntlet to make a run at Worlds. Quite a shocking fall from the team that finished fourth in Spring Split.

9. Echo Fox (2-6)

Echo Fox had perhaps the biggest upset of the weekend, taking down OpTic on Sunday. They have now managed to beat two of the best teams in the LCS (Liquid and OpTic) and lost to every other team.

8. 100 Thieves (3-5)

I said that Echo Fox had “perhaps” the biggest upset of the weekend because it’s hard to top what 100 Thieves did. Somehow, some way, this team who has consistently been rated the worst team in the LCS (and, statistically, still are the worst team in the LCS) managed to beat Cloud9.

Right now, 100 Thieves are only one game back of a playoff spot, a statement would have been farfetched just one week earlier after they won their first game of summer. This team, who was dead to rights and basically considered by other teams to be a free win, is now riding into the Rift Rivals break with wins in three of their last four games. The only big concern is that this break could stall whatever momentum 100 Thieves have found, but somehow this team is on the verge of a massive turnaround.

7. Clutch Gaming (4-4)

Clutch is an infuriating team to me because their statistics say they should be a top-four team in the LCS yet they sit here in seventh place with a 4-4 record. This team controls early-game objectives better than Liquid and average over a 1,000g lead at 15 minutes. Yet they continue to drop games to teams they should be able to beat.

This week, they lost to Team Liquid, which is the exception to the above statement. However, Clutch was, once again, dictating the pace of that game and had every opportunity to close out Liquid, which would have put them in a tie for first with everyone else.

This team has the worst overall win quality of any LCS team relative to their record, indicating that they struggle to beat good teams. Given the only win not against teams behind them in our ranking is to Golden Guardians, that’s unsurprising, yet disappointing given the potential and talen this team has shown so far.

6. Golden Guardians (4-4)

Speaking of the Golden Guardians, they have fallen straight out of the top five after being ranked second in our power rankings last week. They were the only one of the six tied at the top of the pack to go 0-2 in Week 4, so their ranking is unsurprisingly reflective of those failures.

Similar to Clutch, Golden Guardians also have a very strong team statistically, yet poor win quality relative to their record. Statistically, this team heavily out-classed TSM and probably should have won that game on Sunday. Had they taken care of business, they would have cemented their status as the second-best team in the LCS.