League of Legends: Top five Junglers on Patch 9.24

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The jungler tier list is beginning to settle following the preseason changes. So, who are the top five junglers in League of Legends right now?

Reduced respawn timers, updated jungle experience, and a brand-new elemental dragon system. Needless to say, League of Legends in Season 10 is going to be a completely different experience for jungle mains.

Patch 9.23 was a chaotic wilderness of tests and experiments of the new preseason changes, but with the introduction of Patch 9.24, things are finally starting to settle. With that in mind, we’ve produced a list of the top five junglers on the current live patch to aid in your LP grind before the year ends.

5 Master Yi

It’s been quite a while since Master Yi was last seen in the higher tiers of the jungle champion pool, but a few recent changes have resulted in his rise to a strong 52.05% win rate on Patch 9.24. While the Wuju Bladesman didn’t receive any direct buffs, a few bug fixes have gone his way, along with a move to a more farm-oriented jungle during preseason.

Yi’s strengths lie in his ability to quietly farm his jungle camps early on, growing in levels and items, before exploding in the mid to late game with unmatched damage. Although in normal circumstances this champion would rely on laners with priority to maintain control of his jungle, in the current preseason climate Yi can simply perma-farm his jungle without threat as players adjust to the new update.

As a result, Master Yi players are taking over games after the twenty-minute mark with a Bloodrazor, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Wit’s End, placing him in the S/A tier on the current patch.

4 Shaco

Shaco is hesitantly placed on this “top five” list as he only recently received a batch of nerfs with the Patch 9.24b update in midweek. However, as it stands the Demon Jester maintains an extremely high 52.99% win rate and continues to dominate the jungle during preseason.

This rise in power is mostly due to Shaco’s Patch 9.20 changes which saw buffs to every ability including base stats, making him a much more attractive pick. Since then, jungle mains have started adding the clown to their champion pool and wreaking havoc throughout preseason.

3 Elise

AP junglers are all the rage in preseason 2020 with the likes of Ekko, Evelynn, and Karthus all having their say so far. However, one of the most successful magic damage based junglers on the current patch is Elise, the Spider Queen.

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Unlike other members of this list, Elise has been a staple of the jungle meta for several seasons now thanks to her early game power and strong gank/dive potential. While she doesn’t excel in jungle clearing like the alternatives on this list due to her lack of AoE abilities, she’s thriving in a jungle climate where her counterparts are repeatedly nerfed.

If you’re looking for some free LP during the mess that is preseason, Elise is probably the strongest option of them all. Her early priority allows her to completely take over games in the first fifteen minutes and propel her team into a major gold lead through ganks and dives before the opposing jungler has a chance to respond. This is evidenced by her impressive 52.05% win rate on Patch 9.24.

2 Olaf

Reduced jungle timers and weak early Elemental Dragons, otherwise known as: The perfect Olaf meta. Olaf’s versatility in the current preseason meta has resulted in him ascending to a 51.47% win rate accompanied by a 21.5% ban rate, placing him firmly in the S tier of the jungle on Patch 9.24.

The Beserker’s increased attack speed from Berserker Rage combined with AoE damage provided by Undertow allows him to instantly clear his own jungle and build an early gold lead, which is even stronger with the recent jungle respawn timer changes. On top of that, Vicious Strikes enables the champion to solo takedown dragons much like earlier in the season, but much faster now thanks to their reduced HP in the early game.

All in all, Olaf could be the perfect blind pick jungle on Patch 9.24 due to his versatility, along with him being a strong counter to other champions in the current meta, such as Ekko and Elise.

1 Ekko

Ekko jungle’s priority has been rising since Patch 9.16 when he saw buffs to both Phase Dive and Chronobreak. From there, he then went on to receive a Parallel Convergence buff (on Patch 9.18), along with a new True Damage skin which undoubtedly increased his play rate.

Combine all these factors, and you have a thorough explanation for Ekko’s 51.92% win rate and 25.3% ban rate on Patch 9.24. To go one further, the champion has a strong jungle clear, excellent gank setup and unbeatable backline dive thanks to the protection provided by Chronobreak.

If there is a champion to play in the current jungle meta to climb the ranked ladder during preseason, it’s Ekko.

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Are there any champions missing from this list? Do you have a specific counter to Ekko jungle? Let us know in the comments!