TFT Mid Set Update: Everything You Can Get in the Galaxies II Pass

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Riot announced the mid-set update will bring new missions and rewards to the TFT Galaxy Pass. Here’s everything you can get in the Galaxy Pass II.

Back when TFT Galaxies were released, they came with a brand new season pass that promised new missions and cosmetics. If you have already finished the Galaxy Pass, there is good news with the upcoming mid-set update. The Galaxies II Pass is coming and we’re here to break down everything you will be able to get.

Galaxies II Pass Plus

As was the case with the first Galaxy Pass, Galaxies II will come with a standard, free version which will unlock a bunch of cool new cosmetics. All you have to do to earn them is play TFT and you’ll rack up rewards.

However, there will also be a Galaxies II Pass+ available for purchase (1295 RP), which will allow you to unlock additional (and some exclusive) Little Legends, arenas, and booms. As was the case with the first Galaxy Pass, Galaxies II will allow you to buy the pass at any time to receive all the rewards for levels you’ve already earned. That means you can wait to see which rewards you earned and buy the pass on the last day of the event!

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Riot noted that they found a lot of players either finished the first Galaxy Pass with a lot of time to spare, or players didn’t play enough to unlock everything. While those seem like two completely opposite problems, Riot has come up with a solution that actually can help both types of players.

First, they are increasing the number of games required to complete the pass entirely, helping make the experience valuable for TFT vets. However, they are also adding weekly missions that give a large amount of XP for playing a single game, that will help players who play less frequently get large level jumps compared to what they would have gotten in the first Galaxy Pass.


Riot revealed two brand new arenas that will be coming to TFT with the Galaxies II Pass. The first is the Dreadnova Arena for all you Space Pirate aficionados (guilty).

The second is a Spaceship Arena that will go great for all you Rebel players. However, the Spaceship Arena will only be unlockable if you buy the Galaxies II Pass+.


Riot teased three new “champion-inspired” boom effects that will be coming to TFT with the Galaxies II Pass, but unfortunately they are only going to be available in the Galaxies II Pass+. My initial impression is that we have one that looks like Aurelion Sol’s stars that circle the champion in League of Legends, along with bursts from the two newest Lux skins (Dark Cosmic and Cosmic).

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Little Legends

Finally, the Galaxies II Pass will bring three new Little Legends to TFT. The first is Lightcharger, a metallic unicorn that was the subject of legend for kids growing up in Runeterra.

Next, we have the Bellswayer, a reindeer-like creature surrounded by little chimes. This makes me think she and one of our newest units coming to TFT, Bard, will get along just fine.

Finally, Nixie is an elf-like nymph described as a “mischievous prankster.” She looks a little like the Gremlins and I wouldn’t want to feed her after midnight.