LCS: FlyQuest Updates their Charity Work with Seaquest

FlyQuest, LCS. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games.
FlyQuest, LCS. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games. /

Flyquest made a change to Treequest for the Summer Split, while continuing to support charities, with Seaquest.

One of the biggest stories of Spring Split 2020 was the rise of FlyQuest to becoming the second-best team in the LCS. Aside from their success on the Rift, they also made a name for themselves off the Rift with a charity drive know as Treequest, where they planted trees for every win, kill, or Ocean Dragon claimed during the Spring Split. Thanks to their efforts 10,000 trees were planted due to their strong performance during the split.

Sadly Treequest won’t be returning in the summer, but LCS fans won’t be without a charity to support. FlyQuest has a new Seaquest campaign to work to save the oceans.

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Seaquest works similarly to Treequest as far as which actions will be used for donations.  Each kill by  FlyQuest or FlyQuest Academy is worth $1, each Ocean Drake is worth $10 regardless of which team takes it, and each FlyQuest or FlyQuest Academy win is worth a $100 donation. The donations will go to the Coral Reef Alliance, which is an organization that works to save the world’s coral reefs through a variety of projects.

Another change between the Spring and Summer Splits for FlyQuest related to the new Seaquest initiative is a new jersey. The flower jerseys will be replaced with coral reef prints that show a turtle behind the FlyQuest logo. This jersey looks really cool and it also gives FlyQuest a cool marketing tool with their ADC Jason “WildTurtle” Tran.

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Flyquest has made major strides in 2020 as an organization through their charity projects and improved play on the Rift, which might make other teams get on board with projects like Seaquest. In the spring Dignitas and Cloud9 both teamed up with Flyquest to have more trees planted during a couple weeks they were playing each other. I also remember Evil Geniuses doing their book quest and scholarship drive, but that seemed to be a one-week event before it went away.

During week one of the LCS Flyquest was able to raise $719 dollars. Hopefully, they continue the success and raise some more money to save the wild turtles.