League of Legends: Lulu’s Rapid Ascent to the Support S Tier

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Lulu has surprisingly cemented a place in the support S tier on Patch 10.13

From tanks to enchanters to Wukong, the support meta has been the perfect mix of considered and chaotic throughout Season 10 so far. Until recently, the likes of Leona, Nautilus, and Thresh were the only champions that dared venture into the bot lane, which makes the meteoric rise of Lulu on Patch 10.13 a surprising development.

Despite only having a 51.44% win rate on Patch 10.10 and enchanter supports being relatively underpowered in the current meta, Lulu has rapidly risen up the tier list and firmly established herself in the S tier on Patch 10.13.

On top of that, her pick and ban rates have skyrocketed as well from a decent 15.2% and 8.6% on Patch 10.9 to a remarkable 17.8% and 20.4% on the current patch.

Usually, champion buffs are the sole reason for their rise up the tier list, but in Lulu’s case, there is a multitude of factors behind her ascent to the S tier of support.

The marksman buffs of Patch 10.11 have played a huge part in Lulu’s return

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First of all, Lulu’s inherent ability to poke out melee supports and hard-counter the current crop of meta champions is a big reason for her excellent win rate. For example, facing off against Leona, Lulu can simply auto attack her lane opponent down to low HP and cast Whimsy to polymorph Leona in order to limit any attempts at an engage.

The second improvement to Lulu’s strengths in the bot lane came in the form of marksman buffs on Patch 10.11 in which every ADC received an upgrade in terms of their base stats, scaling, or overall DPS.

As an enchanter with plenty of shields and buffs in her kit, Lulu’s power in any given meta goes hand-in-hand with the power of the marksman role as she can increase the attack speed, movement speed, and health of her marksman all within her kit.

Similarly, one of the most popular duos in League of Legends, Kog’Maw and Lulu, received further buffs on Patch 10.13.

Although these buffs were more aimed towards the AP build for Kog’Maw, they will undoubtedly increase his play rate and presence in the current meta, thus making it more likely to see the Mouth of the Abyss in the bot lane over the coming weeks, probably alongside Lulu.

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Overall, there are a ton of reasons for Lulu’s rapid rise up the support tier list and her growing presence in both solo queue and pro play.

While many players may be tired and frustrated with the near-unstoppable Kog’Maw-Lulu combo, a more varied bot lane is incredibly healthy for the League of Legends game state, especially in a season that has been dominated by melee, tank supports.