League of Legends: New Animated Trailer is Definitely Teasing Yone

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends dropped a new animated trailer today that gives us new information about the next champion to be revealed, Yone.

With all the hype surrounding Lillia, the next champion to hit the Rift in League of Legends, you would have forgiven Riot for giving her a bit more time to breathe before teasing the next champion. Not even two weeks after Lillia’s reveal, League of Legends players have something new to be excited about. Today, Riot dropped a new animated trailer titled “The Path, an Ionian Myth” as part of the Spirit Blossom event and it almost certainly confirms that Yasuo’s brother Yone will be the 150th League of Legends champion.

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The trailer shows a swordsman, presumably Yone, traveling through what is likely the spirit realm (linking it explicitly to the Spirit Blossom event and universe) before encountering a shadowy swordsman whose figure looks very much like Yasuo. Yone is struck down and then sees the faces of many stone statues who cry that he could have saved them. If you’re familiar with Yasuo’s lore, you know that Yasuo was framed for killing his village’s elder and was exiled before killing his brother, so this is an obvious nod to that.

Then, the trailer gets darker as Yone begins to convulse in rage at the people he let down and a demonic spirit (perhaps the avatar of his rage) confronts him. Yone appears to defeat this demon, but at the last second, we see the demon pull Yone in and attack. In the final shot, we see Yone looking at an Ionian structure before turning to reveal his face masked and a glow in his eyes.

All of this from the trailer confirms what I believed we would get from Yone in the leaked materials. This is probably the resurrected body of Yasuo’s brother, possesed by a demonic spirit, which allows him to live through death in some way (probably his ultimate ala Tryndamere).

He’s going to be a dual-sword wielder who is more brawler than the gliding windwalker Yasuo, and he’s definitely returned to Runeterra looking for revenge. The trailer also tells us to “cross over” July 22. That is the date that the Spirit Blossom skins are set to be released and Lillia will likely also be released.

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I would guess that we will also get the full Yone reveal on that date as he comes to PBE. I also think we may have seen his first skin with Spirit Blossom Yone, which will be the figure we saw at the beginning of the trailer, as he was on earth before his death. In any case, this animated trailer was sick and I’m looking forward to seeing what this new champion can do!