TFT Guide: How to Navigate the Plunder Planet Galaxy

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our latest TFT guide shows you how to navigate the newest galaxy, the Plunder Planet.

The Plunder Planet galaxy is the newest galaxy added to Teamfight Tactics, going live in Patch 10.15. With a brand new ruleset to learn, our latest TFT guide is here to help you optimize how you play in the Plunder Planet galaxy!

What is the Plunder Planet Galaxy?

In the Plunder Planet galaxy, all enemy champions have the chance to drop 1g on death. This operates similarly to the Space Pirate trait and is weighted more heavily towards champions that die in the early round. Speaking of the Space Pirate, it is notable to know that this buff does stack with the Space Pirate buff, meaning you can still earn gold from both. The coins earned from Plunder Planet are silver, while the Space Pirate coins are gold.

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How do you Play in the Plunder Planet?

Honestly? You can pretty much play exactly the same way that you would in just about any other galaxy and have a great shot at succeeding.

The obvious plus-side to the Plunder Planet galaxy is that you can get more gold and with more gold you will be able to level quicker and/or re-roll more quickly. The only real downside to the galaxy is that the coin drops are random, so you can’t really predict when you’re going to get a sudden influx of gold.

And, of course, you only get coins when you kill an enemy champion, so the Plunder Planet is less likely to help you when you’re on a lose-streak or just up against a way tougher composition. In this way, the galaxy sort of operates as more of a “win harder” mechanic, allowing players who are dominating the opportunity to get more gold than players lagging behind.

Because of this, I would recommend that players go for comps that are a bit more early game focused, as opposed to ones that scale up for later. If you go for hyper roll or slow roll comps you’ll not only have a great chance to win the early rounds, you’ll probably have more gold for rolling later in the game.

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