TFT Guide: The Standard Leveling and Econ Guide for Set 4

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

We are providing an update to our TFT guide all about the Standard leveling and econ strategy here in Set 4.

Previously, we broke down how to slow roll in Set 4 following all the changes to leveling that TFT: Fates provided. With more gold needed to hit the higher levels, it has caused a massive shift in how players level and econ compared to Set 3, when leveling to Level 9 was commonplace. As a result, we thought it would be prudent to create a new TFT guide for leveling and econ when players are not slow rolling.

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This would be called the “Standard” leveling as opposed to slow rolling and hyper rolling (strategies which require players to delay leveling to accumulate gold and acquire low-cost units) and the Fast 8, which is all about hitting Level 8 quickly in Stage 4. By contrast, the Standard econ and leveling strategy aims to get players to Level 8 at the start of Stage 5, forming a balance between accumulating gold to level and having gold to spend on re-rolls.

This TFT guide is largely based on the econ guides from streamers like C9 k3soju and this TFT guide from the Game Haus. This is my own take on the Standard strategy, which will provide breakpoints for when to level up and how much gold you are aiming to have at certain specific breakpoints.

Stages 1 and 2 (Pre-Carousel)

Whereas in slow rolling, you wouldn’t spend any gold on leveling in the early stage because you want to econ as quick as you can, getting to 10g to earn interest, in the standard leveling strategy you have another choice. You can elect to spend to level up at Round 2-1 or 2-2 if you think you can winstreak.

My advice would be to only spend on XP at 2-1 if you have a very strong three-unit comp already and/or have multiple 2-star units. If not, wait to see if you win 2-1 and if you do, then level on 2-2 to increase your chances to winstreak.

If you don’t win on 2-1, you should actually try to losestreak so that you can 1) increase your payout per round by lose streaking and 2) secure a better spot on the Stage 2 carousel for first pick of items. You obviously want to preserve as much HP as possible, but if you’re losestreaking you should sell any items you can to get to that next 10 gold threshold. You can even consider “open forting” which means to sell all your units, leaving the board blank and conceeding the round, but I don’t like to do this as you can lose a fair amount of HP early.

Whether you’re losestreaking or winstreaking, you should aim to hit 10g banked going into the carousel. If you have less than 10g, spend/sell items to pre-level to Level 5 on Stage 2-3 (meaning you get yourself to 8XP on Level 4, allowing you to hit Level 5 on the stage immediately after the carousel). If you have 10g or more, save it and level to 5 after the carousel.