TFT Tier List: The Best Units and Comps in Patch 10.23

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We give our TFT tier list for Patch 10.23 to show the best units and comps.

Patch 10.23 actually saw some pretty significant changes, specifically a pretty hefty rework to Xin Zhao, buffs to most of the Ninjas, and a decent adjustment to Cultist comps. Our latest TFT tier list has adjusted accordingly to show the comps and units that are currently dominating the TFT meta!

In our TFT tier list for Patch 10.23, we’ll break down the top-performing comps, like the continued dominance of Enlightened and Cultist comps, but there are also a few new comps entering the fray. Let’s take a look at the best units and comps in Teamfight Tactics!

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Champion Tier List

S tier: Yone, Zilean, Shen, Morgana (⇑), Sett, Lee Sin (⇑), Azir
A+ tier: Jhin, Aatrox, Riven (⇑), Kayn (⇑), Talon, Irelia (⇑)
A tier: Cassiopeia (⇓), Janna, Ezreal, Sejuani (⇓), Warwick (⇑), Lillia (⇑)
B tier: Ashe (⇓), Lux, Ahri (⇓), Pyke, Kindred (⇑), Nami, Yasuo, Jax
C tier: Kalista, Jinx (⇓), Evelynn (⇑), Yuumi (⇓), Thresh (⇓), Kennen, Xin Zhao (⇑), Akali (⇓), Nidalee (⇓),  Veigar (⇑), Nunu, Jarvan IV
D tier: Vi, Vayne, Katarina (⇓), Elise (⇓), Diana, Twisted Fate (⇑), Maokai (⇓), Fiora, Teemo, Zed (⇓), Annie, Garen
F tier: Lissandra, Lulu, Sylas, Wukong, Aphelios, Tahm Kench, Hecarim


⇑ = improved (rated at least one tier higher than the previous patch)
⇓ = declined (rated at least one tier lower than the previous patch)

Origin Tier List

S tier: The Boss, Exile
A+ tier: Enlightened (⇑)
A tier: Cultist (⇓), Tormented, Ninja (⇓)
B tier: Divine, Dusk (⇓) Fortune (⇓)
C tier: Warlord (⇓)
D tier: Spirit (⇓), Elderwood (⇓)
F tier: Moonlight

Class Tier List

S tier: Adept, Mystic
A+ tier: Emperor (⇓)
A tier: Dazzler (⇑)
B tier: Keeper (⇓), Duelist, Brawler
C tier: Sharpshooter (⇓), Shade, Assassin (⇓), Vanguard (⇓), Hunter (⇓)
D tier: Mage (⇓)
F tier: 

Best compositions

In accordance with our rankings of the best champions, Classes and Origins, we now give you our best comps in Patch 10.23 based on the rankings from our TFT tier list. This will denote the units you should buy in each comp, as well as the best supplemental synergies to pair those comps with. We will also include the best Chosen units or traits you should be looking for to make these comps work.

We will put an asterisk next to the units that should be the main focus of these comps on our TFT tier list, to get to 2 or 3-stars and put items on. Note that when we recommend specific units of a Class/Origin but omit others for your pairings, we are saying these are the options we would consider to be above average or worthwhile additions to your comp.

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  • Enlightened/Adept: Yone (*), Talon (*), Shen, Morgana, Irelia, Janna
    • Standard Leveling (accumulate gold but make sure to level at appropriate breakpoints).
    • Round out this comp with
      • Pyke (for Assassins with Talon)
      • Ezreal/Lux (for Dazzler with Morgana)
    • Ideal Chosen
      • Adept (Yone > Shen > Irelia)
      • Enlightened (Talon > Morgana > Irelia/Janna > any)
      • Assassin (Talon)
      • Dazzler (Morgana)
  • Full Cultists: Zilean, Jhin (*), Evelynn, Aatrox, Kalista, Pyke, Twisted Fate, Elise
    • Standard Leveling (accumulate gold but make sure to level at appropriate breakpoints).
    • Round out this comp with
      • Jinx (for Sharpshooters with Jhin)
      • Kayn (for Shades with Evelynn)
      • Shen (for Mystics with Zilean)
    • Ideal Chosen
      • Cultists (Jhin > Zilean > Aatrox > Evelynn > Pyke > any)
      • Sharpshooters (Jhin)
      • Shades (Evelynn)
      • Mystics (Zilean)
  • Dusk/Cultist: Riven (*), Jhin (*), Vayne, Thresh, Cassiopeia, Zilean, Aatrox
    • Standard Leveling (accumulate gold but make sure to level at appropriate breakpoints).
    • Round out this comp with
      • Azir (for Keepers with Riven)
    • Ideal Chosen
      • Dusk (Riven > Thresh/Cassiopeia > Vayne)
      • Keeper (Riven > any)
      • Cultist (any)
  • Enlightened/Mages: Nami (*), Janna, Morgana (*), Irelia, Talon, Annie, Fiora, Shen
    • Slow roll comp (econ to 50 gold and only spend/roll your interest above that, trying to acquire as many Namis/Jannas/Fioras/Annies as possible).
    • Round out this comp with
      • Lux (for Divine with Irelia and Dazzler with Morgana)
      • Ahri or Lillia (to replace Annie)
    • Ideal Chosen
      • Enlightened (Nami > Morgana > Talon > Irelia > Janna > any)
      • Mage (Nami > any)
      • Dazzler (Morgana)
      • Assassin (Talon)