TFT: What Hyper Roll Mode Is (And How To Dominate It)

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Hyper Roll is no longer simply a strategy for accumulating low-cost TFT units. With TFT Set 5 hitting the PBE, Riot has also given players their first look at the Hyper Roll game mode!

While the mode retains the same basic strategy and feel of Teamfight Tactics, the changes that are made in Hyper Roll will drastically impact the strategy for players. This is how Hyper Roll mode works, how it’s different from vanilla TFT, and how to exploit the new rules to win more.

Hyper Roll Mode

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This mode is meant to be an accelerated version of TFT, where games last five to ten minutes, as opposed to the 15-20 minutes of a regular Teamfight Tactics game. Players start with 20 health, losing two health per loss (scaling up to four, and then six in late game).

How Hyper Roll Is Different

In Hyper Roll, players cannot spend gold to level and there is no interest. Stages are also far shorter (only two or three PvP rounds in the first few stages) and there are no carousels. Instead, players will get an item shop each stage with three to four available items that they can choose from.

Because players cannot spend to level or accumulate interest, players cannot spend money on anything except for units and to reroll the shop. At the start of a new stage, every player will level up, meaning that players are progressing at the same rate.

How Strategy Is Different

The game mode is called “Hyper Roll” because there is nothing for players to spend their gold on other than rerolling their shop. This follows the strategy that the mode bears its name for, where players will save gold in order to reroll at a certain breakpoint to get the needed units. In this case, though, players have no reason to wait to reroll.

Learn to dominate the Hyper Roll mode in TFT!

Since there is no interest accumulating and no need to save gold for leveling, there is no point in ever accumulating gold. Instead, players should be spending as much gold as they can each round to reroll and get needed units. The only exception is for the round immediately preceding the next stage.

Once the new stage begins, every player levels up. This means that the shop odds will also shift for everyone. If a player needs a higher-tier unit (for instance, a 4 or 5 cost unit) it is actually advantageous to save your gold in the round or two preceding the next stage and reroll a larger bank to have a better shot at landing one of those higher-cost units.

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The main difference from vanilla TFT, though is that in Hyper Roll players need to be much more aggressive about getting units and slamming items. Players should be more willing to latch onto a comp because there is all the incentive in the world to re-roll early and hit those 3-star champions. However, because there is no penalty for re-selling units and just rolling all the gold you have, players should also be willing to look for better comps based on the units they land.