LCS 2021 Week Five Power Rankings

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games.
Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games. /

Where does each LCS team fall in our weekly power rankings?

The LCS summer season is now more than half over with the completion of week five. So let’s see which teams move up the rankings and which ones falter during our weekly LCS  power rankings.

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10. Flyquest

Last week Flyquest was the worst team in the LCS. This week nothing as changed. Well, other than their losing streak getting longer thanks to another 0-3 weekend. This now gives them 10 straight losses and they sit just a game ahead of last place in overall LCS standings.  However, they are also rated as the worst team by summer split record at 3-12. For these reasons, Flyquest stays at the very bottom of the LCS power rankings this week.

9. CLG

Also failing to move up or down from the week four rankings is CLG. They have gone back-to-back weekends without securing a victory and have the second-longest losing streak in the LCS. They do have the same overall record as Flyquest, but also have a one-game lead over them in the summer standings. This puts them ahead of Flyquest and in the number nine spot on the power ranking board.

8. Golden Guardians

It’s Deja vu for Golden Guardians this week. 1-2 record, eighth place in the power rankings, and mostly just business as usual. They did beat  CLG this weekend, which gives them a head-to-head win to use to stay ranked eighth. They are also only a game out of the eighth and final playoff spot, so we may see a worst-to-playoffs storyline.


Dignitas isn’t playing too well this summer at 6-9, but they are still an above .500 overall team. They did defeat TSM this week which is a step forward. They should be good enough to make the playoffs, but for now there are questions as to how good is this team and what roster will they use going forward?


Immortals drop two spots from last weeks rankings where they were at number four. They had a chance to get some statement wins against Cloud9 and TSM this past weekend but failed too. Their overall record is keeping them down a bit, despite a solid 8-7 summer record, which is in a three-way tie for third/fourth/fifth.

5. Team Liquid

Liquid went 1-2 this weekend and find themselves tied with Cloud9 at 8-7. Liquid is still a solid team, but will they show us the spring dominance, or fall back on the former fourth-place curse? Well for now their a spot short sitting in fifth in the LCS power ranks a fall of two spots from last week.


After a 2-1 weekend sees Cloud9 back to a better than .500 record this summer. Cloud9 defeated Team Liquid this past weekend and now sit tied with them 8-7 in the summer standings. In the overall standing Cloud9 leads Liquid by a game, so they take the highest spot on the power rankings list of the teams at 8-7. This is a jump of two ranking spots ths week.

3.Evil Geniuses 

Evil Geniuses jump two spots in the ranks this week thanks to a 3-0 weekend and five wins in a row.  They have a 9-6 summer record which is better than both Team Liquid and Cloud9, who they are chasing in the overall standings. They did benefit from an easy week five schedule, but they did take care of business and didn’t lose to a weaker team, so for now they take the number three spot, which is two spots better than last week.

2. TSM

TSM went 2-1 this week with solid wins over Cloud9 and Immortals. This has helped them earn a bit more breathing room in the standings with their three-game lead over third/fourth place teams Cloud9 and Team Liquid in the summer standings. TSM has a three-game overall standing lead on Team Liquid and a two-game overall lead on Cloud9. The schedule in week six does TSM a favor as they have both Golden Guardians and CLG, before the big match with 100 Thieves. A 3-0 week with a big win over first places 100 Thieves and we may have a new team making the top spot.

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1.100 Thieves

This team is on fire. With eight consecutive wins, they continue to take the LCS by storm. They have been in the number one spot pretty much all summer and I don’t see it changing in the foreseeable future. Granted, this week was pretty easy for 100 Thieves in terms of schedule, but they did hold off Team Liquid for a quality win. Looking forward to their week six match with TSM.