2021 LCS Summer Split Week Seven Power Rankings

Photo by Yicun Liu/Riot Games.
Photo by Yicun Liu/Riot Games. /

Weekly LCS power rankings for week seven of LCS play during the 2021 summer split.

Seven weeks of LCS play are in the books and we’re coming up on the playoffs. So let’s see who advanced in the power rankings, who dropped, and who stayed the same.

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10. CLG

CLG returns to 10th place this week after failing to win a game this past weekend. They have now lost five in a row. Boasting the worst record for both the summer split and overall standings, they hold on to the bottom spot in the LCS.


Flyquest continues to have a rough summer. They do still have the eighth-best overall record and could still make the playoffs. However, their lead is only a game over Golden Guardians in overall record, securing a playoff spot is looking more like a pipe dream though.

8.Golden Guardians

Their spring performance continues to hamper them. However, they do have an ok 9-11 summer record and stopped Evil Geniuses win streak this past weekend. This team could very well slide into the playoffs and it wouldn’t surprise me.


This team is ok, I guess? Their overall record is in a very bad spot at 17-22 and their summer spilt record of 10-11 isn’t great, it’s still better than the four other teams underneath them. Either way, this team is in the playoffs as of now. Not a top seed, but in the tournament. With a four-game overall lead and just six games left to play it might be tough for the other teams to catch up and knock them out of the playoffs despite Immortals mediocre overall play.


Probably the most frustrating team to place is Dignitas. They have an ok overall record, are one of the top eight teams, and would be in the playoffs if it started today. However, they have the third-worst summer split record and lost 2 of 3 during this past weekend. That puts them in a three-way tie for the longest losing streak at two games. So by recent play, I’d want to rank them quite low. But they survive for now on a strong spring split and overall record in a higher powering spot.

5.Team Liquid

Liquid dropped a pair of games to close out this past weekend drawing the short straw out of the tie for third place overall.  Yet they are still only a game behind Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses in overall record and are tied with Cloud9 in the summer standings.  They may not be dominant, but they are still a bit more consistent than most of the LCS.


Cloud9 isn’t looking dominant either, but they aren’t in terrible shape. Playoff seeding is still up for grabs as they try to close the two game lead TSM has on them for a top-two seed. Cloud9 will play TSM this Sunday, which should be a strong match to end out the weekend.

3. Evil Geniuses

Well, the eight-game win steak is over. Though a new streak has started and is sitting at two for now. Evil Geniuses is for sure in contention to take one of the top two spots. They are tied in summer split record with TSM and only trail them by two games in the overall standings. TSM and EG are set to have a week eight match on Friday so there may be some serious seeding implications at stake.

2. TSM

They win games, they play consistent League of Legends what’s not to like about good ol’ TSM. They are within striking distance of 100 Thieves at just a game behind in overall standings and two games in the summer spilt standings.  They don’t play each other till Friday of week nine though, so seeding may have to wait a week to see who gets the top seed for the playoffs.

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1. 100 Thieves

Two more wins this past weekend keeps 100 Thieves from falling any spots in the power rankings. They do still have the best summer split and overall records.  So 100 Thieves remains in their top spot for another week.