2021 LCS Summer Split Week Eight Power Rankings

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games.
Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games. /

Weekly LCS power rankings for week seven of LCS play during the 2021 summer split.

Eight weeks down and just one to go!  The chase for the playoffs reaches a conclusion in the next two weeks of LCS action. Who looks good heading into the playoffs and who doesn’t, find out on our power ranking list.

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10. CLG

Little surprise here CLG is still the tenth best team through eight weeks. They still have a shot at the playoff though, but it basically involves winning out and getting help. With TSM, Dignitas and Flyquest left on the schedule even the last place team has something to say about playoff seeding.


Flyquest had a rough weekend going 0-3 to extend their losing streak to five games.  This is not something you want to have going for you moving into week nine. Flyquest is in the playoffs by their overall record but has only a game advantage over Golden Guardians and only two games over CLG. Flyquest does play both of those teams during week nine, so the dust at the bottom of the LCS bottle will have to go through FlyQuest.

8. Golden Guardians

Once again guarding the eighth spot on the list is Golden Guardians. They have a four-game losing streak heading into week nine and sit on the outside of the playoff bubble. Though as stated above they do have a chance to jump ahead of Flyquest. The winner of that game would hold a 3-2 head-to-head tiebreaker over the other, which could mean a playoff spot. So as bad we all thought this team would be at the start of the year, they could surprise us by making the playoffs.

7. Dignitas

A rather lackluster summer continues to undue this team, despite a better overall record than four teams. Dignitas did win a pair of games this week, but how far are they going to go. They pretty much are in the playoffs, but they look to be one of the bottom two spots. TSM and Cloud9 will give them a bit of a challenging week nine.

6. Immortals

Immortals are streaking at the right time as winners of four in a row. They aren’t too impressive overall though and that’s keeping this team in the middle of the LCS power rankings. They should make playoffs but are in a fight for maybe a top-six spot at best.

5. Team Liquid

Liquid is a dark horse candidate for a playoff run. They might only be fifth at the moment overall but are tied for the third-best summer record. Adding to that their only a game out of third/fourth in overall record. This team is in a solid position to move up in the standings if they can win over Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses during week nine to start their climb towards a Worlds spot.

4. Cloud9.

Cloud9 is still living on a prayer from Spring in terms of overall record, sitting tied for third overall. Though with a Summer Spilt record of 13-11 they have failed to keep the pressure up. They have key matchups this week with Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid as they look to secure a better seed.

3. Evil Geniuses

They only trail TSM by a game in the summer standing and a mere two in overall. However their week nine schedule isn’t easy. Cloud9, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves all come with seeding implications for the LCS playoffs. So the question is this team for real or just the middle of the pack team we’ve come to expect.


TSM continues to rank second. Though one win on Friday and they could easily say they have a right to be called the best the LCS has to offer. TSM is most likely looking at a top-two seed unless they falter this week thanks to a two-game lead over Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses in the overall standings with Team Liquid three games behind. Though with CLG and Dignitas as the other games TSM should be able to clinch a top-two spot with a win, or two.

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1.100 Thieves

100 Thieves in first again another big surprise. They did lose two out of three this past weekend, but retain their Summer standing lead by a game. Though in overall standing they are only tied for first. In week 9 they’ll have a battle with TSM that will serve as a head-to-head tiebreaker and could very well determine the best of the LCS heading into the playoffs.