NA LCS semifinals: TSM defeat Immortals 3-0


The NA LCS semifinals have come to an end with TSM taking down Immortals.

What would you have thought if you heard TSM vs. Immortals ended in a sweep? You probably would have assumed it was Immortals destroying TSM, but it was actually the other way around.

This isn’t the same TSM team from the regular season. This is the super team everyone was hoping to see. Immortals dominated the regular season to the tune of a 17-1 record, but they didn’t stand a chance against TSM today.

TSM will now go on to face Counter Logic Gaming next week in the NA LCS Finals.

Here’s how today’s series went down.

Game one:

The series became interesting at the very beginning once Immortals locked in Lucian for Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon in the top lane. Not only was that an interesting pick, but it was even more interesting because their team composition consisted of three attack damage carries and only one tank/form of initiation.

gameone /

TSM drafted a strong team in champion select, and it only became stronger against Immortals’ team.

The first lead of the game was given to Immortals at four minutes when they hit Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell with a four-man dive that gave first blood to Adrian “Adrian” Ma.

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Immortals really opened the game up at around 21 minutes. They were able to to kill Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen which allowed them to do Baron. TSM tried to contest Baron, but it resulted in four more of their players dying. Immortals had a 6K gold lead at this point.

TSM still had a shot to make things interesting because of their comp, and that proved to be true at the 26-minute mark. Even though they were down a massive amount of gold, TSM’s team fight was too good and won them a fight 4-1 to cut the gold lead to 5K.

Moments later, TSM dominated another fight and did Baron right after. They were only down 2K gold now.

TSM’s first lead of the game came at 34 minutes, and then they got another team fight win and Baron three minutes later.

43 minutes is when TSM made their final push and cleaned up Immortals to win the game.

Game two:

Another interesting champion select. Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg blind picked Zed, and then Eugene “Pobelter” Park instantly locked Urgot.

gametwo /

It doesn’t take long for some fighting to start, and it resulted in Immortals getting ahead in the skirmishes, but the gold stayed tied as TSM had advantages from farming better.

A couple of minutes after that, Svenskeren found another kill for himself that set the tone for the rest of the game. After this point, the next 20 minutes were filled with Svenskeren ruling Summoner’s Rift and TSM coming out ahead in all the fights.

Things got out of hand for Immortals at 25 minutes when TSM got three kills, did Baron and then got another three kills to go up 11K gold. Two minutes later, TSM used their Baron buff to take down two inhibitors and grow their gold lead to 15K.

It only took two more minutes for TSM to make their final push and win the game.

Game three: 

Immortals finally give us a draft where they don’t do anything stupid by trying to get cute.

gamethree /

Immortals got themselves the first lead of the game by diving TSM’s duo lane for two kills.

Immortals didn’t do anything with their lead, however, and TSM stuck back by finding a great fight of their own.

TSM got their first small gold lead of the game at 24 minutes when Immortals initiated a fight that resulted in TSM winning it 4-2.

Things got crazy at 33 minutes. A massive fight broke out that resulted in TSM getting an ace and Baron.

At 40 minutes, TSM got a couple more kills and another Baron to push their gold lead to 6K. Three minutes later, TSM got their fifth Dragon which allowed them to clean up Immortals and end the game.