TFT Patch Notes: The Five Biggest Changes Coming in Patch 10.19

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 10.19 brings a new set of units to Teamfight Tactics. Let’s break down the latest TFT patch notes to see what the five biggest changes are.

Say goodbye to the Galaxies and hello to the Fates. TFT Set 4 is officially here with Patch 10.19, bringing with it 58 new units, a new season pass, and a ton of new Little Legends. But with all the changes coming in the TFT patch notes, five really stood out as being game-changers for Teamfight Tactics.

Feel free to check out the full patch notes here, but here are our thoughts on the five biggest changes you need to know about when looking at the TFT patch notes.

1. All the New Stuff

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We’ve already given our thoughts on the newest units, classes and origins, and the new season pass, so you can check those out individually if you’re wondering what the heck all these new units are. If you’re going to just dive in without even reading the latest TFT patch notes, luckily we’ve already given our initial thoughts on the best comps for TFT Set 4 so you have some idea of what you’re doing.

But, in addition to all that stuff we covered, don’t forget that there are three new Little Legends – Choncc, Ao Shin, and Umbra and you can now level up your Little Legends with Star Shards, a new unlockable cosmetic (think of it as the TFT equivalent of orange essence). There are also a few new premium arena skins that will change and react to how your game is going. Having played with them on the PBE, I can definitely say they are worth the RP.

2. Shop and Carousel Changes

Riot has made some big changes to how you can acquire champions, including the rates that certain items will appear on the Carousel. On the first and second Carousels, the biggest odds are that there will be at least one of every item plus one duplicate, but after that the odds start to shift around so you’re more likely to see Spatulas and more repeating items. However, Riot has also made it far more likely that you will get components on the sixth Carousel (to complete any random components you have).

For the shop, the changes are even better, as you will no longer see unbought champions in consecutive shops. That means, if you got a ton of Twisted Fates in the first shop and re-roll, you’re guaranteed to not see any in the next shop.

Riot’s also changed the bag odds slightly so that you’re even more likely to get Tier 1 units at Levels 5 and 6, but more likely to get Tier 2 units at Level 7. Basically, the odds of getting lower-tier units as you get later into the game are still fairly high, making hyper rolling much easier.

3. Galaxies are Out, Chosen are In

This might seem a little like a “no duh” point, but it really was a bit jarring at first to play TFT without galaxies. The game moves at a much slower pace (which makes sense since most of the galaxies added more gold, items, and ways to level up units) without the galaxies and as a result some strategies that didn’t work as well in Set 3 will work in Set 4. It’s going to be an adjustment and a big change that you won’t see in the TFT patch notes.

In their place, Chosen is the new mechanic coming to TFT in Patch 10.19, which makes a certain champion count twice for one of their traits. You will also get that unit at 2-stars the instant you buy them, but they will cost more to compensate. The other big key to remember about Chosen is that you will not get any more Chosen in your shop if you already have one bought (even if they’re not out on the field) so choose them wisely.

Chosen are extremely rare but they are going to be integral to forming some of the best comps in Teamfight Tactics. Check out our breakdown on how to best use the Chosen here.

4. New Items

Red Buff and Sword Breaker are gone in Patch 10.19, with two new items – Sunfire Cape and Gargoyle’s Stoneplate – replacing them. Sunfire Cape works a bit like the Infernal buff from Set 2, burning a random enemy within two hexes every second for a percent of their maximum health as true damage. Gargoyle’s Stoneplate, on the other hand, grants the holder bonus armor and MR for every enemy that is attacking it. Both of these items are extremely good on tanks and the change also means that Morellonomicon is the only item in the game that reduces healing.

Some other big item changes include reduced healing on Hextech Gunblade and Bloodthirster (likely to compensate for the loss of Red Buff), Spear of Shojin granting a flat 5 extra mana per auto-attack (rather than the 18% of total mana), Runaan’s Hurricane bolts can crit, and Infinity Edge converts crit chance over 100% to crit damage (because of the addition of Assassins this set).

5. Game Pacing

One of the biggest changes in Patch 10.19 that has gone under the radar is the XP changes coming to the game. Specifically, it is going to require far more XP to get to higher levels.

  • Level 7: 32xp ⇒ 36xp
  • Level 8: 50xp ⇒ 56xp
  • Level 9: 66xp ⇒ 80xp

As you can see, it’s going to cost an extra 4 XP to hit Level 7, 6 XP to hit Level 8, and 14 additional XP to hit Level 9. Combined with the fact that there is just less gold available in Set 4 due to the loss of galaxies and this might just be the biggest change in the TFT patch notes.

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Games are considerably longer than they were in Set 3 because leveling up is so hard (remember, your damage scales with levels). This thus puts even more power into hyper roll and slow roll comps, since it’s harder to reliably hit those 4 and 5-cost units by getting to the higher levels. Also, a lot of the comps that seem to be strong out the gate are quite good even if you only hit seven units. I could see a lot of players not even hitting Level 8 because of these XP changes.