Taiwanese casters rip into Perkz for “inconceivably bad” play

Europe has had a nightmarish start to the 2016 World Championship, and a lot of that is on G2 Esports.

In case you haven’t heard, Europe has had a pretty tough Worlds. Their single victory came against INTZ e-Sports, one of the international qualifiers. INTZ has matched all of them in the win department and the other IWC team, Albus NoX Luna, has surpassed them.

The most disappointing European squad has to be G2 Esports. Not only do they not have a victory, but they have looked utterly disjointed in their three games. Top laner Ki “Expect” Dae-han isn’t on the same page with the other four members of his team, and mid laner Luka “Perkz” Perkovic has found new ways to hurt his team.

Perkz gets caught by a gank and the LMS casters don’t hold back

G2’s worst loss has to be their last one, on Sunday night against the aforementioned ANX. Their other two losses came against ROX Tigers (huge favorites) and Counter Logic Gaming (huge tournament buff). But Albus NoX? These guys aren’t Moscow 5.

ANX picked a skirmish-heavy comp with damage from five sources. Picks like Anivia and Brand are a bit of a surprise in this meta, but that doesn’t excuse G2 from having a plan against them.

Things were going decently until this happened:

Perkz is ganked, but has both summoners. His reaction? Burn flash and cleanse — and still give up First Blood.

Perhaps he was hoping nobody was watching. Unfortunately, for Perkz, the casters from the LMS were, and they did not hold back.

In this case, the English subtitles just don’t do the video justice. These were some of his best lines (my translation in an attempt to capture the comedic effect):

  • “Look at this mechanics, they’re about as good as my grandma’s.”
  • “Anivia was slowly flapping towards Perkz at the slowest possible speed. His intentions could not have been more obvious.”
  • “He put his ice wall right behind you and walked up to your face, and you still chose not to flash.”
  • “Oh my god, what the hell is he doing?”
  • “If you don’t have basic mechanics, please don’t become a pro player.”
  • “His mechanics were so bad, I couldn’t believe it. How did he make it here [to Worlds]?!”
  • “That’s the first time we’ve seem him dodge the Anivia ice ball!”

The were so incredulous that they almost kept talking through a TP gank in the bot lane. And after that play, they went back to criticizing Perkz!

Amazing. European players can only hang their heads in shame.

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