Bang says that SKT thought the Miss Fortune pick was a mistake

It’s safe to say that SKT was thrown off by ROX’s Miss Fortune support pick.

SKT vs. ROX in the semifinals of the 2016 World Championship had all the hype in the world, and thankfully, it did more than deliver on that hype.

The two-time Worlds champions took down the reigning LCK champions in five games, and both ROX wins came with Miss Fortune support.

It would have been surprising to see Miss Fortune picked as an ADC at Worlds, but no one would have ever imagined it being played elsewhere — especially at support.

It was a beautiful moment that will live forever in League’s history. It was a very ROX thing for ROX to do.

In a recent interview with theScore, Bang explained that SKT thought the pick was an accident: “Our team thought that when they first picked it, that it was a mistake. But [later] we thought: “I think they prepared this.” Honestly, in this meta, I got the feeling that it is a really strong pick. I got really surprised and taken back by it.”

How long did it take for them to realize it wasn’t a mistake? Did they not find out until ROX picked it again in Game 3?

SKT is a team full of bright minds, and it’s surprising to see they would be so naive towards the situation. In the case that the pick was a mistake, ROX would have surely talked to the officials in an attempt to fix the mistake. They wouldn’t have been giggling and moving on with confidence.

At least SKT finally figured it out later and banned it during the last two games.

While Miss Fortune brought ROX their two victories in the series, there was one other constant — Blank. Blank lost both games that he played in, meanwhile, bengi was a perfect 3-0.

SKT’s superstar ADC also went on to discuss what changing junglers does for the team: “This, to be honest, has nothing to do with the player’s skill or positives and negatives. It is the psychological factors that are the biggest. I think that is the biggest factor. For example, you lost the first game and when the members switch it feels a lot more like something changed. Obviously, you didn’t lose because of that player, but it just feels like a change. I just feel psychological factors are the biggest. Like, it’s not even about the teammates’ psychological state, but also the player that got swapped in as well. And honestly, for me, whoever plays I think it is pretty similar and it’s the coach’s decision.”

What Bang said makes sense. Switching players can give a team a boost, and yesterday was definitely bengi’s day. That doesn’t need to be any sort of shot towards Blank — he is good in his own right.

Now we will have to wait and see how SKT handles their two-headed jungle monster in the finals against either Samsung Galaxy or H2K.

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