Top 3 easy ways to make quality in-game friends

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The only way to get better when it comes to League of Legends is having quality friends ready to join and help along the way. Here are the top three ways to make such friends.

Whether you’re new to League of Legends or have been playing for a number of years, you’ve undoubtedly met a plethora of players. Some of which stood out either because they were friendly or were willing to explain something about the game in which you didn’t know. But what happens if you find that many don’t play as much or you’ve haven’t had any luck getting those on your friend’s list to accept match invites?

League of Legends is all about teamwork and well, helping each other out in the grand scheme of things. The only problem is, it’s hard to find quality friends considering the usual toxicity within the game.

It’s gotten better thanks to the new Honor update but it’s imperative to follow a few steps if you want to meet quality friends that are willing to queue up with you, help you out, and above all else, bring a positive aspect to your overall gaming experience. It’s real easy to get frustrated in this game but having great company can help alleviate all the stress when things don’t go your way.

Without further ado, here are the top three ways to make quality in-game friends in League of Legends that will not only spawn great conversations around the game but make matches enjoyable whether you win or lose.

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